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Background paper for livelihoods module workshop

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Background paper for livelihoods module workshop : Cambridge 20-22 March 2017
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This paper has been prepared to inform discussions at the upcoming Livelihoods Module development workshop organised by the People in Nature (PiN) team. The workshop will build on discussions from 2013-16 between the PiN team and the Species Programme and TRAFFIC around the integration of PiN and the Red List of Threatened Speciesusing the Species Information Service. In addition to working on the content and architecture of the livelihoods module, the workshop will also identify key elements of the processes and protocols that need to be put into place to ensure the consistent application of the livelihoods module and the rigour of data collected.

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Livelihoods Module development workshop, Cambridge, 20-22 March 2017
Gland : IUCN and CEESP, 2017
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