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Indonesian gibbon conservation and management workshop, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia 20–22 February 2008 : final report
IUCN Publication

Seven recognized gibbon taxa are distributed across Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra and the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia, all of which were recently reassessed as Endangered using IUCN Red List criteria. To address these issues, an Indonesian Gibbon Conservation and Management Workshop was convened on 20-22 February 2008 at Lido Resort in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Fifty-six participants representing government agencies, universities, zoological institutions, and NGOs met to compile the most current information on the status of and threats to gibbons in Indonesia and to develop the framework for a gibbon conservation strategy with recommended goals and actions for each taxon. This workshop report provides the initial groundwork that individuals can use to guide more detailed conservation planning for gibbons in Indonesia.

Indonesian Gibbon Conservation and Management Workshop, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, 20-22 February 2008
Apple Valley : IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, 2008
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96p. : ill., maps
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