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WCC 2016 Res 058 - Progress Report

General information
Period covered: 
IUCN Constituencies implementing this Resolution
IUCN Members: 
Ministry of the Environment of Finland / Finland
Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères ( MEAE ) / France
Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit / The Netherlands
World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD ) / Switzerland
IUCN Commissions: 
IUCN Secretariat: 
Other non-IUCN related organisations: 
Natural Capital Coalition, World Bank/IFC, Green Economy Coalition; Scottish Wildlife Trust.
Indicate which actions have been carried out to implement this Resolution : 
Convene stakeholders/Networking
Education/Communication/Raising awareness
Field activities
Policy influencing/advocacy
Scientific/technical activities
Describe the results/achievements of the actions taken: 
The working group has NOT been established as such to date but IUCN secretariat and a number of its members have continued to contribute actively to the development of frameworks, methodologies and ensuring biodiversity is well integrated in Natural Capital approaches. At the last World Forum on Natural Capital (Nov 2017) co organized by IUCN, a government dialogue was organized with 13 countries participating and two research papers (see attached) provided as input on the need for policy changes to ensure a scaling up of natural capital approaches. We realized during that session the need to have a more regionalized dialogue on the topic to ensure the discussions are contextualized with local stakeholder and adapted to the environment where actions are needed.
What challenges/obstacles have been encountered in the implementation of this Resolution and how were they overcome : 
For this more regionalized / localized consultation process some funding is needed and has not been secured to date.
Briefly describe what future actions are needed for the implementation of this Resolution: 
We are exploring teaming up with several existing platforms such as the Gaborone Declaration in Africa and with support of some Governments (E.g. Netherlands, UK, Finland, Australia and also at EU level) has to progress further. IUCN's role could be in facilitating government dialogues in various regions on the model of the government dialogue that took place in the Netherlands and in Edinburgh at the World Forum on Natural Capital.
Are these actions planned for yet: 
Status of implementation
Status of implementation for this Resolution: 
Initiated: first stages of implementation
Additional information