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General Information
IUCN Constituent: 
Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation
IUCN Constituent type: 
IUCN Secretariat
Period covered: 
Geographic scope: 
European Union (EU)
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
IUCN Members: 
Centro de Extensión Universitaria e Divulgación Ambiental de Galicia ( CEIDA ) / Spain
IUCN Secretariat: 
Other non-IUCN related organisations: 
Spanish committe of UNESCO MaB programme, Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere reserve
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
FundraisingIdentified potential fund sources and priority working lines to prepare a project proposal. EU programmes and BBVA foundation were identified as potential funding sources. A project proposal for increasing knowledge on the value of these ecosystems as refugia in the current climate change scenario and identification of connectivity areas through green infrastructures will be prepared in 2018. On-going
Please report on the result /achievement of the actions taken: 
Fundraising ongoing.Preliminary members of the partnership are strong, relevant and with good possibilities to successfully lead the preparation of a project proposal.
Identify and briefly describe what future actions are planned for the implementation of this Resolution: 
Future ActionDescription
Fundraisingproject proposal preparation and submission