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UK peatland strategy : 2018-2040

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UK peatland strategy : 2018-2040
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Beautiful and dramatic, UK peatlands are evocative landscapes home to rare and endangered wildlife, as well as rich in cultural history. The UK’s first collaborative Peatland Strategy has been developed by the IUCN UK Peatland Programme to capture and embed, for the long term, a shared vision for our peatlands, helping maintain a focus across a broad partnership and allowing progress to be marked and celebrated. The UK Peatland Strategy encompasses all peatlands in the United Kingdom and is also of relevance to the UK Overseas Territories. It sets the context for the devolved administrations strategic peatland action plans. The goals contained within the UK Peatland Strategy recognise the diversity within and between peatlands and the pressures that are exerted on them, but identifies a common way forward. The strategy is not an end in itself but a tool to support ongoing collaborative and co-ordinated effort to tackle one of the great environmental challenges of our time.

S.l. : [IUCN National Committee UK Peatlands Programme, 2018]
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