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Our next frontier : a personal guide for tomorrow's lifestyle
Non IUCN Publication



At America's first frontier, we looked outward across the vast plains -- and they seemed limitless. At the second frontier, we looked downward into oil wells and coal mines. And they, too, seemed limitless. The next frontier will be the age of energy conservation and renewable resources. In Our next frontier, Robert Rodale speaks about the need to adopt a lifestyle now that responds to the changes we'll be faced with tomorrow. And he shows us the ways in which we can all be participants in this new frontier: by restructuring our agricultural system so that it uses less energy to produce and transport food; by questioning the widespread and seemingly casual use of toxic chemicals; by eating less processed, more natural foods; and by using more people-powered transportation. 

Emmaus, US : Rodale Press, 1981
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vi, 242p.
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