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Climate change adaptation in small island developing states

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Climate change adaptation in small island developing states
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A wide ranging, comprehensive, and multi-disciplinary study, this is the first book that focuses on the challenges posed by climate change impacts on the all small island developing states, not just those in a specific region. As the global effects of climate change become increasingly evident and urgent, it is clear that the impact on small islands is going to be particularly severe. Small island developing states emit only small amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Yet many of their governments are allocating scarce financial and human resources in an effort to further reduce their emissions. This is a mistake. Rather than focus on mitigation (i.e., the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) Climate Change Adaptation in Small Island Developing States concentrates on adaptation. The author assesses the immediate and future impacts of climate change on small islands, and identifies a range of proven, cost-effective adaptation strategies. 

Oxford : Wiley Blackwell, 2018
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xiv, 224p. : ill., maps
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