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WCC 2016 Res 085 - Progress Report

General information
IUCN Constituencies implementing this Resolution
IUCN Members: 
No other Members are/have been involved
IUCN Commissions: 
IUCN Commission on Education and Communication 2013-2016 (CEC)
IUCN Secretariat: 
Indicate which actions have been carried out to implement this Resolution : 
Convene stakeholders/Networking
Education/Communication/Raising awareness
Describe the results/achievements of the actions taken: 
In 2018 the #NatureForAll partnership grew by 73 to 314 partners from 63
countries around the world. The 2018 increase was 30% higher than it was in 2017. #NatureForAll representatives participated in 10 major events on 4 continents throughout the year, each time recruiting new partners and striving to inspire and support action for nature worldwide.

In the second half of 2018, the initiative releases the newest #NatureForAll publication, Home to us All and an accompanying summary document for decision-makers Connecting with Nature to Care for Ourselves and the Earth. The creation was led by Dr. Cheryl Charles of the Children & Nature Network and benefited from the work of 14 co-authors and over 60 reviewers from 22 nations. The publication formally launched at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference, COP 14 at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

In 2018 #NatureForAll also produced 5 new videos and 57 “partner stories” to help advance its mission of connecting people with nature.
What challenges/obstacles have been encountered in the implementation of this Resolution and how were they overcome : 
None reported.
Briefly describe what future actions are needed for the implementation of this Resolution: 
This is an ongoing initiative that has no set end-date or final deliverable.
Status of implementation
Status of implementation for this Resolution: 
Underway: implementation well-advanced
Additional information
Are these actions planned for yet: