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Food systems and natural resources
Non IUCN Publication

The resource use implications and environmental impacts of our food systems are significant. In general, of all economic activities, the food sector has by far the largest impact on natural resource use as well as on the environment. The Food Systems working group of the International Resource Panel has prepared a comprehensive scientific assessment of the current status and dynamics of natural resource use in food systems and their environmental impacts. It identifies opportunities for Resource Smart Food Systems responding to policy-relevant questions. The report looks at food as a crucial connection point (a ‘node’) where various societal issues coincide, such as human dependence on natural resources, the environment, health and wellbeing. Rather than looking separately at resources such as land, water and minerals, the IRP has chosen a systems approach. The report looks at all the resources needed for the primary production of food, as well as for other food system activities (e.g. processing, distribution) considering not only the set of activities, but also the range of actors engaged  in them and the outcomes in terms of food security,  livelihoods and human health.

S.l. : UNEP, 2016
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160p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references

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Record created: 2019/08/19
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