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Kosciuszko : a great national park

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Kosciuszko : a great national park
Non IUCN Publication

This book tells the story of one of Australia’s natural wonders, Kosciuszko National Park. A National Heritage–listed treasure, the park is the home of the mainland’s highest mountains, past glaciation sites, limestone caves, fields of summer wildflowers and alpine animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. It traces the aspirations of adventurers, settlers, scientists, graziers, miners, timber cutters, dam constructors, conservation groups, recreationists and tourism operators. This book celebrates 75 years of park management at Kosciuszko; it recognises many individuals who made a difference to its conservation and reflects on opportunities for improved management for the future.

Canberra : Envirobook, 2020
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xxii, 433p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references

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