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Asian rhinos : status survey and conservation action plan

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Asian rhinos : status survey and conservation action plan
IUCN Publication

There are currently three species of Asian rhino: the Indian or greater one-horned Asian rhino, the Javan or lesser one-horned Asian rhino and the Sumatran or Asian two-horned rhino. Today, all three are threatened with extinction and two, the Sumatran rhino and Javan rhino, critically so. Although the Indian rhino is to be found in greater numbers than the other two, the threats to this species nevertheless remain significant. As in the case of the African rhinos, the threats to the Asian rhinos stem from poaching for the horn, the primary demand for which is in traditional Chinese medicine but which is also a speculator's commodity in several consumer nations. However, a further threat to these animals is also posed by the destruction of their habitat. Indeed, two of these species inhabit the tropical rainforest which is being destroyed. This action plan describes the major requirements for rhino conservation and describes some of the programmes which can and are being implemented to stem the threats to these species such as managed breeding and the "in situ" conservation of their habitats.

Gland : IUCN, 1997
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v, 112p. : ill., maps
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