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The Ethiopian wolf : status survey and conservation action plan

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The Ethiopian wolf : status survey and conservation action plan
IUCN Publication

The Ethiopian wolf is one of many species endemic to the highlands of Ethiopia but with only about 400 adults remaining, it is also the most endangered canid in the world. The main threats to this creature are loss of habitat to subsistence farming and livestock over-grazing, human development with all its subsidiary effects whereby human activity encroaches on the wolf's territory. Added to this, the small size of the remaining population has also brought with it problems of inbreeding, leading to a loss of genetic diversity, disease and hybridisation. In the face of this alarming situation, this action plan emphasises the necessity of leading immediate action on three fronts and provides a detailed strategy for the conservation and management of the remaining Ethiopian wolf populations.

Gland : IUCN, 1997
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ix, 123p. : ill., maps
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