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Grebes : status survey and conservation action plan

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Grebes : status survey and conservation action plan
IUCN Publication

Grebes are specisalised waterbirds which inhabit marshlands and reed-fringed lakes. Their dependence on wetlands is total and as a result they are particularly vulnerable to changes in ecosystems and their deterioration. So adapted are they to the wetlands they inhabit that they are an ideal indicator of the health of wetlands and the changes taking place, changes often imperceptible to humans. Since c. 1970, two of the 22 recognised species of grebes have gone extinct and two others are in a critical situation. One of the greatest threats to their survival is loss of habitat. This action plan reviews the threats to grebes throughout the world and their current status and proposes a series of eight priority actions to ensure their survival

Gland : IUCN, 1997
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vii, 59p.
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Includes bibliographic references. PDF also available on a CD

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