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West Indian iguanas : status survey and conservation action plan

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West Indian iguanas : status survey and conservation action plan
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The West Indian Iguanas form a unique group of species inhabiting tropical dry forests throughout the Bahanas and the Greater and Lesser Antilles. They are among the most endangered of the world's lizards, primarily because much of their fragile island habitat has been eliminated by human developemnt or severely degraded by exotic species. The Jamaican iguana, considered by some to be the rarest lizard in the world, may number no more than 100 adults. Because iguanas are likely to be important seed dispersers for many endemic plants, their loss has serious consequences for the ecosystems in which they live. This plan summarises the status of wild populations, identifies the primary threats, and recommends specific actions. A list of national agencies, research institutions in the countries of origin of taxa covered in the plan is included

Gland : IUCN, 2000
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vi, 111p. : ill., maps
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