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Complete Title: 
Co-management of natural resources : organising, negotiating and learning-by-doing
IUCN Publication

Is it possible to go beyond what the State declares to be the best way to manage natural resources? If yes, how? This publication attempst to answer these questions, by providing a practical manual for project officers, community members, government staff, NGO staff and others interested in participatory approaches to managing natural resources. It offers guidelines, checklists, concepts, ideas and a range of methods and tools to facilitate a co-management process. By making these available, it is hoped that a variety of social actors will be assisted as they strive to figure out "how best to manage natural resources".

Heidelberg : Kasparek Verlag, 2000
Physical Description: 
xii, 95p.
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Includes bibliographic references. Separate language editions, Spanish edition published in 2001, adapted with examples from Latin America. Digital version is a 2007 reprint of the original publication (ISBN: 978-3-925064-47-0)

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