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Balancing the returns to catchment management : the economic value of conserving natural forests in Sekong, Lao PDR
IUCN Publication

The socio-economic development plan for Sekong mentions increasing forest cover as one of its major objectives. This study focuses on natural regeneration (NFR) forests and what it would cost the country if NFR schemes were not undertaken. In a country where poverty alleviation is of prime importance, estimating the contribution of NTFP harvesting for sustaining livelihoods would demonstrate the importance of NFR schemes in achieving its poverty alleviation goals. This study on the economic returns of conserving Sekong forests has the main objective of determining the benefits from naturally regenerated forests. The report consists of five parts. The first provides a brief background of the study of Sekong province, including forest resources. The second part discusses the objectives of the study. The third presents the economic framework and methodologies used for estimating the various economic values being measured for Sekong forests. The fourth details the results of the study and provides estimates of the various economic value components. Finally, the fifth draws broad conclusions and recommendations from the study results.

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Colombo : IUCN Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group Asia, 2005
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37p. : ill.
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