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Coastal oceans research and development in the Indian Ocean : status report 2008

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Coastal oceans research and development in the Indian Ocean : status report 2008
IUCN Publication

The CORDIO programme, which started in 1999 as a pragmatic response to the impacts of global warming on coral reefs, has over the years improved our knowledge and management of coral reefs. Data collection in the Curieuse Marine Park in the Seychelles was instrumental in guiding government policy over the management of marine protected areas, especially those that have resilient coral ecosystems. Without such important and vital information politicians, parliamentarians, local governments and MPA managers would not be able to take the decisions which take into consideration coral reef recovery and conservation issues. This particular report seeks to bring together research and monitoring on environmental and socio-economic aspects and their relevance to management and policy approaches to education and community-based activities.

Mombasa, KE : CORDIO, 2008
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xxxii, 457p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references. An electronic version of the publication is available for download in three parts or as individual articles from the CORDIO website.

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