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The wealth of nature : ecosystem services, biodiversity, and human well-being

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The wealth of nature : ecosystem services, biodiversity, and human well-being
IUCN Publication

What makes our planet's natural treasures worth saving, and why should we care?  With hundreds of stunning full-color photographs and more than twenty essays from some of the world's most respected scientists, this latest publication in the CEMEX Conservation Book Series aims to provide some of these answers. With scientific analyses, The Wealth of Nature offers a detailed explanation of the various ecosystem services that support and regulate all natural processes on Earth. It also provides cultural context for how these services are vital for our existence and why their futures – and ours – are at risk.  The Wealth of Nature maps out the state of our global resources and clarifies the choices that lay before us. It is within our grasp to adapt to the conditions we have created and to mitigate our impact on the future, but the window of opportunity is closing. Take a moment and come and see the award-winning nature photographers capture Earth's intricate web of life and the solutions we are working toward.

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Arlington, VA : ILCP, 2009
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xiii, 367 p. : ill.
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Includes bibliographic references. Available in separate Spanish language version.

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USD 49
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