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Procedure for assigning IUCN protected area management categories
IUCN Publication

Using the category system in force (IUCN, 1994), this document analyses the bestowal of IUCN category statuses and proposes a systematic procedure for making such assignments. A number of selected pilot cases from around the world where this procedure has been used are discussed. The objectives of this document are: to present a simple, flexible method by which to assign IUCN categories to protected natural areas; to provide elements for consideration during the production of new legislation regarding protected natural areas and the design of management plans; and to provide elements for reflection as well as practical tools for the international debate regarding the bestowal of IUCN categories.

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Madrid : EUROPARC-Spain, 2008
Physical Description: 
140p. : ill., fig.
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Includes bibliographic references. Also available in separate Spanish version.

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