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Complete Title: 
Procedimiento para la asignación de las categorías internacionales de manejo de áreas protegidas de la UICN
IUCN Publication

Using the category system in force (IUCN, 1994), this document analyses the bestowal of IUCN category statuses and proposes a systematic procedure for making such assignments. A number of selected pilot cases from around the world where this procedure has been used are discussed. The objectives of this document are: to present a simple, flexible method by which to assign IUCN categories to protected natural areas; to provide elements for consideration during the production of new legislation regarding protected natural areas and the design of management plans; and to provide elements for reflection as well as practical tools for the international debate regarding the bestowal of IUCN categories.

Monographic Series no.: 
Madrid : EUROPARC-Spain, 2008
Physical Description: 
140p. : ill., fig.
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Includes bibliographic references. Also available in separate English version.

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