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Complete Title: 
The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity : TEEB for policy makers : responding to the value of nature
IUCN Publication

This publication is the executive summary for a full report which demonstrates the value of ecosystems and biodiversity to the economy, to society and to individuals. It underlines the urgency of action, as well as the benefits and opportunities that will arise as a result of taking such action. The report shows that the cost of sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem services is lower than the cost of allowing biodiversity and ecosystem services to dwindle. It demonstrates how we can take into account the value of ecosystems and biodiversity in policy decisions and identify and support solutions, new instruments, and wider use of existing tool in order to pioneer a way forward. In so doing, the report addresses the needs of policy-makers and those in the policy-making process.

Bonn : TEEB, 2009
Physical Description: 
41p. : ill.
Publication Year: 

Includes bibliographic references. More information on the full report, published by Earthscan, may be found here: The executive summary is also available in separate French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic language versions:

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