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A guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Chinese version)

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A guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Chinese version)
IUCN Publication

The Convention on Biological Diversity is an historic committment by the world's nations to conserve biological diversity, to use biological resources sustainably and to share equitably the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources. It is the first global legal instrument to comprehensivly address all aspects of biological diversity. The guide illustrates the scientific, technical and legal issues which the Convention raises. Designed as a reference document, the guide's table of contents, pagination, index and commentary cross-references give the reader easy access to the book's comprehensive rendering of what could be involved in fulfilling the obligations of the Convention. There is also a detailed bibliography. The introduction provides a concise general overview of the Convention's character, its origin and history and major issues covered. The Convention's provisions are then explained article by article, 23 boxes include background information on such topics as the importance of biological diversity; national biodivesity strategies; biotechnology; environmental impact assessment; technology transfer; and intellectual property rights. It suggests options for implementing the Convention, in many instances drawing on existing environmental policy documents and action plans including the World Conservation Strategy, Caring for the earth, the Global Biodiversity Strategy and Agenda 21. Written in an objective, easily understandable and accessible style, the guide is indipensable reading for anyone desiring information on the Convention on biological diversity and possible steps for its implementation.

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Beijing, China : Science Press, 2019
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vii, 132p.
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Includes bibliographic references. A contribution to the Global Biodiversity Strategy. 

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