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Welcome to the IUCN Library Portal! Here you can search both IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations, which form the body of IUCN’s general policy, as well as the IUCN Headquarters’ Library catalogue, which includes the digital library of IUCN publications (although keep in mind that not all publications have been digitized).


Clicking on either Publications or Resolution/Recommendation restricts your search to either the library catalogue or the Resolutions and Recommendations platform.


Some tips for searching the library catalogue:

  • Your search terms will be matched against words appearing in the publication record of the publication, such as title, authors, keywords, geographic keywords, abstract, organizations, language, and conference.
  • It does not search inside PDFs (full text).
  • In order to i) sort or limit by publication year, ii) limit to publications that are available electronically, iii) search only a certain field in the record, or iv) limit the search to IUCN or non-IUCN publications, please use our Advanced Search or contact the IUCN Library and Publications Manager.
  • If you would like to consult material which is not available online, please consider visiting our library in Gland, Switzerland.