WCC 2012 Res 044

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World Conservation Congress
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2012 Jeju
English title: 
Implementing ecological restoration best practices in and around protected areas
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French title: 
Mise en œuvre des meilleures pratiques en matière de restauration écologique à l’intérieur et à proximité des aires protégées
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Spanish title: 
Aplicación de las mejores prácticas en restauración ecológica en las áreas protegidas y en sus alrededores
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Protected areas
Environmental governance
International agreements and processes
Education, capacity building, public awareness, communication
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WCC 2012 Res 044 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Secretariat Headquarters A Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) on Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas was published in 2012. Principles identified by this BPG have communicated and promoted in the CBD process.
WCC 2012 Res 044 - Activity Report 2016 IUCN Secretariat Headquarters This is an on-going task. However there are indications that PAs Agencies in Spain, Colombia.