Plant invasions in protected areas : patterns, problems and challenges

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Plant invasions in protected areas : patterns, problems and challenges
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This book is the first comprehensive global review of all aspects of alien plant invasions in protected areas. It provides insights into advances in invasion ecology emanating from work in protected areas, and the link to locally relevant management support for protected areas. The book provides in-depth case studies, illuminating interesting and insightful knowledge that can be shared across the global protected area network. The book includes the collective understanding of 80 ecologists and managers to extract as much information as possible that will support the long-term management of protected areas, and the biodiversity and associated ecosystem services they maintain.

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Dordrecht, NL : Springer, 2013
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xxii, 656p. : ill, maps
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During the 12th November until the 12th December 2014, the free access to "Plant Invasions in Protected Areas" by Foxcroft, L.C., Pyšek, P., Richardson, D.M., Genovesi, P. (Eds.)is offered by Springer SBM to the participants of the IUCN-World Parks Congress 2014. When downloading this ebook, participants agree that it is for their personal usage only. Any comments, questions or book project proposals should be directed to Alexandrine Cheronet (alexandrine.cheronet[at], senior editor for the Springer Environmental Sciences program.

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