Natural area tourism : ecology, impacts and management

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Natural area tourism : ecology, impacts and management
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Natural Area Tourism provides a comprehensive description of tourism in natural areas allowing readers to understand the scope of, complexities arising from, and possibilities of undertaking successful tourism developments in natural areas. Furthermore, the second edition contains an overview of recent developments, such as mountain biking, adventure activities in protected areas and geotourism. There is new content and examples from the Asian region on managing the tourism industry and management effectiveness. The book also considers important new developments in monitoring, such as remote sensing and the use of GIS, as well as the use of electronic educational resources in delivering interpretation. Attention is given to the implications of climate change, inadequate protected area security and the ever-increasing influence of the landscape matrix. Moreover, the second edition includes a comprehensive review of the new literature that has emerged since the publication of the first edition more than a decade ago. Accordingly this book will remain an invaluable resource and account of natural area tourism for many years to come.

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Bristol, GB: Channel View Publications, 2013
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xxi, 457p.
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