Tour guiding research : insights, issues and implications

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Tour guiding research : insights, issues and implications
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This book provides an authoritative, state-of-the-art review of tour guiding scholarship and research and aims to foster best practice and to stimulate further study and research on tour guiding across a range of disciplines. It explores how tour guiding theory and practice has evolved over time and what factors have contributed to this. The volume consolidates, synthesises and adds to the knowledge base and foreshadows how current and future trends and issues might impact on tour guiding research and practice in the 21st century. The studies reviewed in this book cover a wide range of contexts in which guided tours are conducted, ranging from city streets to heritage and wildlife tourism attractions, from high-end tourist lodging establishments to national park campgrounds, and from highly developed destinations to very remote ones in both developed and developing countries. The book is well-illustrated and its accessible style with chapter summaries makes it ideal for students as well as researchers.

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Bristol : Channel View Publications, 2015
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xiii, 208p.
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Includes bibiographic references

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