Fishers' knowledge and the ecosystem approach to fisheries

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Fishers' knowledge and the ecosystem approach to fisheries : applications, experiences and lessons in Latin America
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This technical paper comprises a series of reviews and case studies from Latin American countries regarding fishers’ knowledge (FK) and its application to fisheries management under the ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF). These papers were compiled by an interdisciplinary group of experts to convey the types of knowledge that fishers possess, the context in which that knowledge is created and used, where and how FK can contribute to data requirements within the EAF, and potential methods and institutional approaches to integrate FK into fisheries science and management. This publication responds to the pressing need for theoretical frameworks, practical examples and guidance on what FK encompasses and how this knowledge and experience can be integrated into management of fisheries resources under the EAF. The papers highlight underlying principles for working with FK, good practices and lessons learned in knowledge exchange with fishers, and the role of government and legal frameworks in the context of both marine and inland fisheries.

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Rome : FAO, 2015
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ix, 278p. :ill, maps
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