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Global soil biodiversity atlas

Complete Title: 
Global soil biodiversity atlas
Non IUCN Publication

The Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas is a collection of images, text, and figures presenting the importance of soil biology to policy makers, experts, and general readers alike.

Key highlights include:

  • Soil biodiversity supports many services essential to human beings including: plant growth, water and climate regulation, and disease control among others. 
  • Soil biodiversity is increasingly under threats due to several pressures acting on soils. 
  • Interventions to reduce the impact of threats to soil biodiversity are available and should be widely adopted. 
  • Policies to protect and value soil biodiversity are still at an early stage and need to be further developed. 

The Atlas is divided into 8 chapters covering all the aspects of soil biodiversity:

  • Chapter I: The soil habitat 
  • Chapter II: Diversity of soil organisms 
  • Chapter III: Geographical and temporal distribution 
  • Chapter IV: Ecosystem functions and services 
  • Chapter V: Threats 
  • Chapter VI: Interventions 
  • Chapter VII: Policy, education and outreach
  • Chapter VIII: Conclusions
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2016
Physical Description: 
176p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliography

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Record created: 2017/10/06
Record updated: 2020/04/10