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WCC 2016 Res 088 - Progress Report

General information
IUCN Constituencies implementing this Resolution
IUCN Members: 
No other Members are/have been involved
IUCN Commissions: 
IUCN Secretariat: 
Indicate which actions have been carried out to implement this Resolution : 
Convene stakeholders/Networking
Describe the results/achievements of the actions taken: 
No Members submitted activity reports. However, IPO Members, through implementation of their strategy (see below) will be key partners in guiding work and in implementing this Resolution.

CEESP through the Theme on Business, Best Practice and Accountability has formed a working group to look at extractives and will look at the particular case of Indigenous Peoples. "The CEESP Theme on Business Sector Accountability will advance the missions within the mandate of the commission by generating and disseminating knowledge, mobilizing influence, and promoting actions to harmonize the conservation of nature with crucial social, cultural, and economic justice concerns of human societies, including human rights and responsibilities, indigenous peoples' well-being and rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment, peace and human security, equity, biocultural diversity, sustainable livelihoods, fair and equitable governance of natural resources and sharing of benefits derived from natural resources, as well as respect for diverse spiritual and cultural understandings of nature."

IPO Member Strategy once implemented will advance issues relevant to this Resolution. IPO Members, which now number 17, met in early March 2018 to define areas of work under this strategy.
What challenges/obstacles have been encountered in the implementation of this Resolution and how were they overcome : 
Still in early stages of implementation of operative paragraphs of Resolution.
Briefly describe what future actions are needed for the implementation of this Resolution: 
Continued work of the CEESP working group in collaboration with the Business and Biodiversity Programme and others - for the areas of work referenced in operative paragraph 1.a. and b.
Advancing One Programme work on environmental and human rights defenders
Implementation of the IPO Member's strategy.
Are these actions planned for yet: 
Status of implementation
Status of implementation for this Resolution: 
Initiated: first stages of implementation