WCC 2016 Res 088

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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2016 Hawai'i
English title: 
Safeguarding indigenous lands, territories and resources from unsustainable developments
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French title: 
Protéger les terres, territoires et ressources autochtones contre les activités de développement non durables
Spanish title: 
Salvaguardar las tierras, territorios y recursos indígenas frente a desarrollos insostenibles
Spanish file: 
Indigenous peoples/local communities
Sustainable use
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Activity reports Period coveredsort descending IUCN Constituent type IUCN Constituent Results /achievements
WCC 2016 Res 088 - Activity Report 2016 IUCN Species Survival Commission 2017-2020 IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group 2017-2020 pour la sensibilisation: plus de 700 personnes et plus de 2000 indirectement ont été sensibilisées sur la protection des pangolins et la connaissances de la réglementation nationale et internationales
WCC 2016 Res 088 - Activity Report 2019 IUCN Commission on Education and Communication 2017-2020 An achievement is the action by the University of Victoria in the establishment of the world’s first degree programme to combine the intensive study of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous law, enabling