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WCC 2016 Res 013 - Activity Report

General Information
IUCN Constituent: 
Wildlands Conservation Trust
IUCN Constituent type: 
IUCN Member
Period covered: 
Geographic scope: 
South Africa
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
IUCN Members: 
Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & The Environment ( DEA ) / South Africa
Endangered Wildlife Trust ( EWT ) / South Africa
IUCN Secretariat: 
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Policy influencing/advocacyActive engagement in various local and international looby platforms against the hunting of captive bred lions, Primarily through the BLOOD LIONS platforms. Signficiant progress in this regard with the South African Professional Hunters Association spliting aroudn this issue, and the USA based Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International both formally isuing statements against the practiseOn-going
Policy influencing/advocacyActive engagement with the Department of Environmental Affairs through the South African National working group with the intention of holding them accountable to the resolutions adopted at WCC 2016. DEA continue to state an intean tto address the issues raised throught the resolution, but have not actually delivered definitive outcomes On-going
Please report on the result /achievement of the actions taken: 
1. Pressure maintained on the South African Department fo Environmental Affairs (issue isnt going away)
2. SIgnficiant market pressure building against the hunting of captive bred lion
What challenges have you encountered in implementing this Resolution and what measures have you taken to overcome them?: 
Ongoing intractibility of the South African government ont his issue - linked to their dispute with the IUCN and sense that global actors are dictating South African policy
Identify and briefly describe what future actions are planned for the implementation of this Resolution: 
Future ActionDescription
Policy influencing/advocacyFocus on the RSA DEA to seperate the hunting of captive bred lions from other sustainable use issues - rhino / elephant, and encoruage them to adopt a leadership role around adopting and enforcing benchmark ethical hunting practises