People, parks and money

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People, parks and money : stakeholder involvement and regional development : a manual for protected areas
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Currently, there are a number of book on the market dealing with protected areas management from different perspectives. However, there is no book available that emphasises regional development and stakeholder involvement along the "life-cycle" of protected areas and that additionally has a focus on the European perspective of managing protected areas. This book tries to fill this gap. This volume is an outcome of an international EU-funded project within the framework of South-East Europe called "Managing natural assets and protected areas as sustainable regional development opportunities" (NATREG) carried out with partners from Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, and Austria. Within this project, the current book functions as a training manual for project partners in the respective protected areas, and as a means to distribute the project's findings to the largest possible audience.

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Klagenfurt : Verlag Johannes Heyn, 2010
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215p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references.

With contributions by Roger Crofts, Barbara Muller and Thomas Topp. Research assistance: Anna Unterkofler, Daniel Zollner. 

A NATREG training manual for partners. 

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