WCC 2016 Res 084 - Activity Report

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International Dialogue for Environmental Action Public Association
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IUCN Member
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East Europe, North and Central Asia
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
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International Dialogue for Environmental Action Public Association ( IDEA ) / Azerbaijan
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IUCN Commission on Education and Communication 2017-2020 (CEC)
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Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Convene stakeholders/NetworkingSince day one, IDEA has persistently been committing efforts to build dialogue and partnerships by organizing and supporting local, regional and international events on themes related to environmental protection and sustainability. Such events provide a platform for people and institutions to share experiences, engage in creative exchange of ideas, review their cooperation and seek other potential synergies that can yield positive results for both nature and people. 1) Annual Azerbaijan International Environmental Exhibition: Caspian Ecology - Over the past years, IDEA has supported and participated at the annual Azerbaijan International Environmental Exhibition. This is the only environmental exhibition in the Caspian and Caucasus regions, which presents innovations in environmental protection and natural resource management. The exhibition aims to attract global attention to environmental projects in Azerbaijan and to establish cooperation between local and international organizations working in the field. 2) Annual World Food Day celebration in Azerbaijan - Each year, IDEA and its partners mark World Food Day in Azerbaijan by holding special events to draw global attention to the pressing challenge of hunger and food security, discuss ways to solve it, and reaffirm the common commitment to achieve Zero Hunger. 3) National Youth Forum “Agenda 2030: Focus on the Environment” - On 5 June 2018, hundreds of young people attended the National Youth Forum “Agenda 2030: Focus on the Environment” held by IDEA on the occasion of World Environment Day. The event aimed to raise youth awareness on SDGs, especially their environmental dimension, and motivate young people to be drivers of change for a green and sustainable future.On-going
Education/Communication/Raising awarenessAdvocacy and awareness-raising are essential in IDEA’s efforts to inform the wider public about pressing ecological challenges of the day and to motivate individuals, households, groups and whole communities to be part of the solution. Along with our regular ‘green’ events and activities, IDEA, in cooperation with its partners, has undertaken several initiatives on promoting the Sustainable Development Goals in Azerbaijan. 1) Eco Cinema - Visual images are a powerful tool for learning and motivation, especially when it comes to environmental issues. Documentaries that demonstrate the whole beauty and magnificence of nature and biodiversity are an effective supplement to theoretical knowledge. Films are especially appealing to young people, enabling them to better appreciate our natural treasures and assess environmental threats, and inspiring them to be part of the solution. As in previous years, IDEA has continued its Eco Cinema series, where we regularly screen environmental documentaries for hundreds of young people. 2) Outdoor gym in the Baku Boulevard – Mental and physical health is one of the prerequisites for sustainable human development. Consistent with IDEA’s efforts to promote healthy and active lifestyles, sport facilities have been created in nine public parks within the past two years. 4) Football master-class in support of SDGs – On 12 June 2018, a football master-class session for children was organized in the Baku Boulevard, jointly with Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) and UN Azerbaijan. The event aimed to promote awareness on Sustainable Development Goals and encourage the young generation’s interest for sports, healthy lifestyle and sustainable development.On-going
Education/Communication/Raising awarenessAt IDEA, we believe that education in environmental protection and sustainable development is the most effective way to motivate and equip a generation to create fundamental and lasting change. This is why we have devoted massive efforts aimed at implementation of a range of educational programs and activities, including training sessions, scientific courses, seminars, lectures, camps and field studies. Every year, IDEA expands its agenda with new study activities that are conducted in our well-equipped resource centers for children, students and young professionals. Organizing visits to educational institutions around the country, meeting with the young minds, sharing our stories and inspiring them to think ‘green’ is something IDEA has been doing since day one. Here are some of our awareness-raising projects: 1) Ecological Laboratory for Children (Monthly training sessions to extend the children’s (6-11 y.o) knowledge and awareness of the environment. 2) Recycling bins (For years IDEA has been promoting recycling and awareness on proper waste management through public education campaigns and mass waste collection events. IDEA kicked off a recycling program, whereby specially designed paper and plastic waste bins were placed in up to a hundred of schools, universities and office buildings in Baku.) 3) IDEA’s annual summer camps (The summer camps aim to bring awareness among school-aged children on the endangered species in the region, increase understanding of conservation programs and encourage behavioral changes that would reduce threats to wildlife.) 4) IDEA Eco Scout Club (The Eco-Scout Club is a platform for young Azerbaijanis to take part in nature protection and become leaders of the environmental movement within their respective communities.) 5) The World’s Largest Lesson (Training sessions that were organized across Baku city and the Khachmaz district aiming to encourage and empower educators to teach young people about the Global Goals.On-going
OtherMARINE AND COASTAL CONSERVATION: Saving the unique biodiversity of the Caspian Sea and other water basins in the Caucasus region is one of IDEA’s utmost priorities, and the organization is determined to do its part to address this issue, in cooperation with its local and international partners. Pollution and contamination are having a severely detrimental effect on the health of the marine environment. That is why IDEA holds regular activities aimed at cleaning and restoring the polluted coastal and riverside areas, as well as encouraging the public to support such efforts. 1) Annual beach cleanups - Each year multiple cleanups are held on the coast of the Caspian Sea - before and after the beach season and during the International Coastal Cleanup Week. During 2017-2018, four cleanup events were held with the participation of hundreds of our young volunteers. The mass events were held at Baku’s popular Buzovna and Novkhani beaches, and resulted in the collection of over 20 tons of trash. More active youth join our events each year to help make our coastal areas cleaner, but more importantly send a strong message to the wider public on the harmful effects of pollution. 2) Kura River cleanups - As a habitat and spawning ground for many precious fish species as well as a vital source of freshwater, the Kura basin has been under increasing pressure for many decades, with pollution and gillnets being among major threats to its biodiversity. IDEA continues its efforts to reduce the environmental damage of human activities on Kura. As in previous years, cleanups were held in 2017 and 2018 at the delta of Kura River with the help of young IDEA volunteers. As a result, hundreds of gillnets were removed from the estuary of the Kura River to allow free passage of fish during their spawning period, and tons of waste, predominantly plastic, was collected from riverside areas.On-going
Please report on the result /achievement of the actions taken: 
- Over 1000 kids aged 6 to 11, including children from low-income families and orphanages, have so far attended IDEA's ecological-laboratory sessions. Since 2017, a special emphasis was made on informing kids about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the sessions and how they can get involved in the global plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity. - As part of the World's Largest Lesson project, the project’s materials on SDGs were produced in Azerbaijani and training sessions were conducted for teachers in Baku and the Khachmaz district, who, in turn, held lessons on the Global Goals for hundreds of children in their respective schools, and marked their schools on the project’s global map. - IDEA’s environmental camps have been annually held since 2014 in various regions of Azerbaijan and attended by hundreds of schoolchildren. In 2017 and 2018, separate camps were held on three different themes: “Protect the leopard”; “Protect the gazelle” and “Return the bison”. - Since the launch of the Eco-scout club, IDEA has enrolled around two hundred young nature-lovers and is actively seeking new memberships.
What challenges have you encountered in implementing this Resolution and what measures have you taken to overcome them?: 
Both in training the educators and teaching the learners, we are in constant need of comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date materials and tools on the environment and sustainability in the national language. Adapting and translating such learning resources is a complex, costly and time-consuming task.
Identify and briefly describe what future actions are planned for the implementation of this Resolution: 
Future ActionDescription
Education/Communication/Raising awarenessIDEA is ambitious to be continuing its mission of preserving and restoring our biodiversity, conserving precious and endangered species, protecting and expanding green spaces, fighting against pollution, while ensuring our sustainable future through environmental education of young people.
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