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WCC 2016 Rec 111 - Activity Report

General Information
IUCN Constituent: 
IUCN Washington DC Office
IUCN Constituent type: 
IUCN Secretariat
Period covered: 
Geographic scope: 
Meso and South America
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
IUCN Commissions: 
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Scientific/technical activitiesNational Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) assessment in Colombia. The first national RLE in Colombia led to a revision of this assessment showing the use of this ecosystem risk assessment in evaluating the current conservation status in terms of their risk category, in relation NPAs, KBAs and World Heritage sites; as well as the identification of areas of interest for future restoration and conservation activities of the most threatened ecosystems. On-going
Identify and briefly describe what future actions are planned for the implementation of this Resolution: