Okavango Delta : Floods of life

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Okavango Delta : Floods of life
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Wetland ecosystems and the amazing diversity of plants and animals that inhabit them are thought to be more threatened than any other ecosystem. The Okavango Delta, as the world’s largest inland delta, is no exception. This book is both a celebration of the diversity of aquatic life in the Okavango Delta, and is an inspiration to decision makers throughout the region to work together to ensure the survival of one of the world’s most beautiful and valuable wetlands. Beginning with an explanation of the functioning of the Delta, the book uses beautiful photographs to describe the value of the Delta in terms of its diversity of plants and animals. Finally, current and future threats to the Delta are reviewed, and a range of management actions for ensuring the future of the Delta are discussed.

Windhoek, NA : RAISON, 2010
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144p. : ill.
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