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IUCN Policy Cycle

Motions, and the resulting Resolutions and Recommendations[1], are the mechanism by which Members guide the policy and Programme of IUCN, and influence third parties. The 1,466 Resolutions that have been adopted at previous Congresses and General Assemblies are the basis of IUCN’s general policy and have been the Union’s most effective means of influencing conservation policy, at the species, site, national and global level. They have contributed to setting the international conservation agenda, supported the development of international conservation law, and identified emerging issues that impact conservation.

To learn more about IUCN’s Policy Cycle, please consult the documents below:

Reporting on the Resolutions

To keep track of the progress made on the Resolutions, all components of IUCN are asked to report on any activities that they have conducted to implement the Resolutions through Activity Reports. They can submit their report at any time.

Once a year, the Secretariat Focal Points synthesise the information contained in all submitted Activity Reports into a single Progress Report for each Resolution. These Reports contain the most up to date information on a specific Resolution.

Finally, the information contained in the Progress Reports will inform the yearly analysis conducted by IUCN’s Secretariat, which provides an overview of the progress made on all the Resolutions adopted at the latest Congress, and highlights the challenges encountered as well as the possible solutions to achieve the majority of the goals that the Union had set for this intersessional period.

Graphical representation of the reporting process

To learn more about the reporting process, please consult the documents below:

Resolution Focal Points (Marseille Resolutions)

Guidance Note for the Resolutions Focal Points

The implementation strategy for Resolutions and Recommendations adopted by the Membership includes the assignment of focal points from all IUCN constituents, to guarantee that actions are carried out through a One Programme Approach, and to ensure that enough information is gathered in annual reports to fix implementation issues and mobilize the necessary support.

The documents below aim to provide guidance for the different IUCN stakeholders involved in the implementation of IUCN Resolutions:

Analyses of IUCN Resolutions

As of the Marseille Congress, 1466 Resolutions and Recommendations were adopted by the Union. The documents below provide analyses on different aspects of IUCN’s body of policy.