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IUCN 카테고리 V 보호지역을 위한 관리 가이드라인 보호 육상/해상 경관

Complete Title: 
IUCN 카테고리 V 보호지역을 위한 관리 가이드라인 보호 육상/해상 경관
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Protected Landscapes (IUCN Protected Area Category V) are lived-in working landscapes. In the past, there has been a tendency to see them as a rather Eurocentric approach to protected areas but increasingly the category is being designated in other parts of the world, including in a number of developing countries. The Guidelines include sections on the background and on the planning of such areas, and chapters on the principles, policies, process and the means for their management. The text includes more than 20 case studies from more than 15 countries in every region of the world.

Monographic Series no.: 
Republic of Korea : the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, 2019
Physical Description: 
x, 158p.
Publication Year: 

Includes bibliographic references

Translation arranged by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

The definitions of protected areas and related concepts in this title are out of date. Readers should consult BPG 21 and later titles for current definitions.

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Record created: 2019/10/21
Record updated: 2022/11/25