Virgin Islands resource management cooperative

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Virgin Islands resource management cooperative
Non IUCN Publication
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no.1 to 28
St. Thomas, VI : Island Resources Foundation, 1986-1988
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28v. : [in various pagins]

Contents: v.1. Abstracts of research reports, nos 2-28 - v.2. - v.3. - v.4. - v.5. - v.6. - v.7. - v.8. - v.9. v.10. - v.11. - v.12. v.13. v.14. - v.15. Data synthesis and development of a basis for zoning of the VI biosphere reserve - v.16. Conceptual framework for the management of the VI biosphere - v.17. Initiation of a long-term monitoring program for coral reefs in the VI national park - v.19. Historic land use in the Reef bay, Fish bay and Hawksnest bay watersheds 1718-1950 - v.20. A general review of sedimentation etc... - v.21. Sedimentation and reef development in Hawksnest... - v.22. A basis for long-term monitoring of fish and shellfish species ...- there is a compilation of 6 reports (23-28) in one volume, the library has also this 6 reports separetely. v.23. Man's long-term impact on sedimentation: evidence from salt pond deposits - v.24. Recreational uses of marine resources in the Virgin Islands national park and biosphere reserve: trends and consequences - v.25. Assessment of anchor damage and carrying capacity of seagrass beds in Francis and Maho bays for grens sees turtles - v.26. Buck island fish and shellfish populations - v.27. Initial inventory of three permanent forest plots in the Virgin Islands national parks - v.28. Geochemistry of St. John and influence on marine systems. Includes bibliographic references.


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