Field guide to seagrasses of the Red Sea

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Field guide to seagrasses of the Red Sea
IUCN Publication

The purpose of this publication is to provide naturalists, resource managers and scientists with a simple guide to identify all species of seagrasses in the Red Sea. Each species is described in detail using photographs of key and diagnostic features. Key features are those that distinguish a particular species from most other species, whereas diagnostic features belong only to that species. The guide begins with a description of habitats in the Red Sea that support seagrasses, followed by an introduction to the features of seagrasses used for identification. Each seagrass species is then described individually. These species are grouped into two families: Cymodoceaceae and Hydrocharitaceae. Within each family, species are listed alphabetically. This second edition reflects an update of the Halophila species known to occur in the Red Sea. 

Gland : IUCN ; Courbevoie, FR : Total Foundation, 2016
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viii, 56p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references and glossary.

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2nd ed
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Record updated: 2017/02/01
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