International journal of heritage studies

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International journal of heritage studies
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The International Journal of Heritage Studies IJHS ) is the interdisciplinary academic, refereed journal for scholars and practitioners with a common interest in heritage. The Journal encourages debate over the nature and meaning of heritage as well as its links to memory, identities and place. Articles may include issues emerging from Heritage Studies, Museum Studies, History, Tourism Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Memory Studies, Cultural Geography, Law, Cultural Studies, and Interpretation and Design.

Oxfordshire : Routledge Journals, 1994-
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Volume 18, issue number 3 (May 2012) is a special issue on "World Heritage and human rights: preserving our common dignity through rights based approaches." It contains an article, "World Heritage and rights-based approaches to nature conservation," written by Gonzalo Oviedo, former Senior Advisor of Social Policy at IUCN.

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