Saving the world's wildlife : WWF - the first 50 years

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Saving the world's wildlife : WWF - the first 50 years
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Based on previously inaccessible archives and a wide range of interviews with WWF VIPs, this book tells the remarkable story of how the idea of a few British naturalists turned into the world's largest environmental organisation. It charts WWF's battle to save the world's wildlife from early campaigns for endangered species such as the tiger, whale or panda, to their more recent efforts to promote sustainable development and combat climate change. The author was granted unrestricted access to the private papers of Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, each of whom served as WWF president for 15 years. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout with exceptional photographs by world-famous wildlife and nature photographers. Also included are the earliest photographs taken of pandas in the wild.

London : Profile Books, 2011
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349p. : ill.
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Includes endnotes

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