WCC 2012 Res 035 - Activity Report

General Information
IUCN Constituent: 
Pronatura, A.C.
IUCN Constituent type: 
IUCN Member
Period covered: 
Geographic scope: 
Meso and South America
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
IUCN Members: 
Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina ( FVSA ) / Argentina
Administración de Parques Nacionales ( APN ) / Argentina
Así Conserva Chile ( ACCh ) / Chile
Fondo Mundial Para la Naturaleza (WWF Colombia) ( WWF - Colombia ) / Colombia
Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales ( SEMARNAT ) / Mexico
Ministerio del Ambiente ( MINAM ) / Peru
Ministerio de Vivienda Ordenamiento Territorial y Medio Ambiente ( MVOTMA ) / Uruguay
IUCN Commissions: 
IUCN WCPA Caribbean and Central America Region 2017-2020 ()
IUCN WCPA South America Region 2017-2020 ()
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Convene stakeholders/NetworkingThe Creation of the Latin American Alliance to Strengthen Protected Areas and implement Aichi Target 11 y Latin America by 2020 (SCBD Target 11 partnership)On-going
Please report on the result /achievement of the actions taken: 
Elaboration of Action Plan to achieve Aichi Target 11 in Redparques countries (ALFA Action Plan)
Participation during the III Congress of Protected Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean, presentation of latin American Countries in compliance with Aichi target 11.
Progress Report on achieving aichi target 11 in redparques countries
Identify and briefly describe what future actions are planned for the implementation of this Resolution: 
Additional Information