Acting in time on energy policy

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Acting in time on energy policy
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Energy policy is on everyone’s mind these days. But there is a serious problem endemic to America’s energy challenges: the resulting policies are overly reactive, enacted once damage is already done, and are too often incomplete, incoherent, and ineffectual. This important volume details this problem, making clear the unfortunate results of such short-sighted thinking, and it proposes measures to overcome this counterproductive tendency. All of the contributors to Acting in Time on Energy Policy are affiliated with Harvard University and rank among America’s pre-eminent energy policy analysts. They tackle important questions as they pertain to specific areas of energy policy: Why are these components of energy policy so important? How would “acting in time”—i.e. not waiting until politics demands action—make a difference? What should our policy actually be?

Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2009
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xiv, 194p. : ill.
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Includes footnotes and index.

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