The forest landscape restoration handbook

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The forest landscape restoration handbook
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The first practical hands-on guide to repairing the damage done by irresponsible forest activity, explaining how to increase the resilience of landscapes and the communities they support. Pools expert knowledge from world authorities in the field, using research backed by respected institutions such as ITTO and the IUCN. It is an addition to the Earthscan Forestry Library, the indispensable resource for practitioners, planners, policy makers and students. This book, authored and collected by leading international authorities in the field of forestry, is the first comprehensive, practical treatment of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR). As an approach to conservation, FLR provides a complementary framework to sustainable forest management and the ecosystem approach in landscapes in cases where forest loss has caused a decline in the quality of ecosystem services. The main aim of FLR is not to re-establish pristine forest, even if this were possible, rather the objective is to strengthen the resilience of landscapes and thereby keep future management options open. It also aims to support communities as they strive to increase and sustain the benefits they derive from the management of land. The result here is an indispensable, easy-to-read handbook for practitioners in all aspects of forestry and natural resource management.

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London, GB : Earthscan, 2007
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xii, 175p.
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Includes bibliographic references, an index and a glossary. Also available in separate Chinese language version.

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