Pangani River Basin Management Project integrated flow assessment technical reports

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Pangani River Basin Management Project integrated flow assessment technical reports
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The Pangani River Basin Management Project (2005-2010) has generated technical information (packaged in the reports appearing on this CD). The project consisted of an integrated flows assessment, strengthening water governance and community participation, assessing vulnerability to climate change and promoting appropriate adaptations and supporting integrated water management planning for the basin.

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Nairobi : IUCN ESARO, 2010
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Includes bibliographic references. Technical reports included are "Pangani River Basin flow assessment: basin delineation report: final report" (; "Pangani river system: state of the basin report" (; "Mto Pangani Na Mfumo Wake: Ripoti ya Hali ya Bonde" (; "Pangani basin: a situation analysis (2nd edition)" (; "Bonde la Pangani : Uchambuzi wa Hali Halisi (Toleo la pili)" (; "Climate change modelling for the Pangani Basin to support the IWRM planning process" (; "Development of climate change scenarios" (; "River health assessment final report" (; "Socio-economic baseline assessment : the role of river systems in household livelihoods" (; "Pangani River Basin flow assessment : final project summary report" (; "Hydraulic study of Lake Jipe, Nyumba ya Mungu Reservoir and Kirua Swamp" (; "Hydrology and system analysis : volume 1 of 2 : the hydrology of the Pangani River Basin" (; "Hydrology and system analysis : volume 2 of 2 : development and application of a system model for the Pangani River Basin" (; "The scenarios report : the analysis of water-allocation scenarios for the Pangani River Basin" (; "Scenario selection report : water-related issues and trends in the Pangani River Basin and the selection of preliminary scenarios for analysis : final report" (; "Task 5 report : an assessment of understanding and knowledge gaps : final report" (; "Fish and invertebrate life histories and important fisheries of the Pangani River Basin" (; and"Hydroelectric power modelling study" (


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