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Welcome to the IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations Platform!

IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations are the body of IUCN’s general policy. This platform makes Resolutions and Recommendations easier to search and more accessible to all IUCN constituencies.

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The IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations Platform has two features:


Online Tracking System


Allows two types of search: by criteria, and free text search. More about it below.

Search by criteria

Each Resolution and Recommendation has a code, title, geographic scope, all criteria that can be used for searching. Furthermore, Resolutions and Recommendations have been sorted by using pre-determined keywords, type, conference, and where applicable, country and territory.

You can select multiple search criteria and then click on Apply to display results.

Search by code

Search for the official Resolution number that you find on the printed document or you can search for the internal code constructed in the following way:

WCC/GA Year Res/Rec Number e.g. WCC 2004 Rec 081

You can also search by code using the official code: e.g. 3.081,

Where the first number corresponds to either the number of the General Assembly (GA) or the number of the World Conservation Congress (WCC), and the following number corresponds to the Resolution/Recommendation number. In this example, it is the Resolution/Recommendation number 81 adopted in the third WCC held in Bangkok in 2004.

Search by title

Search for the official Resolution title by using a word or phrase contained in the title. E.g. Species Survival Commission

Search by geographic scope

Search for Resolutions or Recommendations related to one or several specific geographic area(s) from the list below. Note: if you selectSouth and East Asia and West Asia, all Resolutions or Recommendations related to either South and East Asia or West Asia will be displayed.

Geographic scope

Search by keyword

Search for a Resolution or Recommendation by choosing one or several predefined keyword(s) from the list below.

Example: if you select pollution and ecosystems, only Resolutions or Recommendations containing both keywords will be displayed.


Search by type

Search for either Resolution or Recommendation

Search by conference

Search for Resolutions adopted during a specific Congress or General Assembly.

Example: if you select 2008 Barcelona and 1990 Perth, all Resolutions and Recommendations adopted in Barcelona and all Resolutions and Recommendations adopted in Perth will be displayed.

Search by country or territory

Search for Resolutions or Recommendations related to a specific country.

 E.g. United Kingdom

Free text search

The free text search option, searches for one or several word within PDF documents. Results will display all Resolutions/Recommendations that contain the words, sorted by relevance.

This type of search is especially useful when you have a general idea of the subject of the resolution but not the specifics.

Online Tracking System

The Platform has a new feature: a mechanism developed to gather information on the implementation of Resolutions. It is a small questionnaire regarding past, current and future activities carried out to comply with any given Resolution and/or Recommendation. It can be filled by all IUCN Constituencies –Members, Commission members, and IUCN Secretariat staff. These activity reports are available to the general public, like the Resolutions and Recommendations.

How to fill and submit an activity report?

It’s simple!

  • Login using the same credentials for the Union Portal,
  • Find the Resolution/Recommendation you want to report on using your preferred criteria,
  • Click on Add a report, and
  • Fill the questionnaire!

Here are some tips to fill your report:

  • All questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
  • Questions with Choose an option field offer the possibility to scroll down the menu or assisted help if you start typing. 
  • You can save your work and edit it later.
  • You can access all your published and unpublished reports in My activity reports.
  • When your report is finalized, Publish it. Note: keep in mind that once the report is published no changes can be made.

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