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Marine mammals and sea turtles of the Mediterranean and Black Seas

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Marine mammals and sea turtles of the Mediterranean and Black Seas
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This booklet presents information on the conservation status of the marine mammals and sea turtles that inhabit the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Each species has previously been classified by IUCN at global level and here we present the first results of the regional assessment for those cetacean species resident in the Mediterranean Sea. It also focuses on the main threats that affect their survival and growth and makes recommendations to better preserve them. It presents brief details on resident species (those recorded all year round and breeding in the region), visitor species (scarcer but occurring regularly every year) and vagrant species (rare and unexpected ones that do not occur annually). This booklet also summarizes the current global status of visitor and vagrant cetaceans in the Mediterranean and the status of the endemic cetacean species in the Black Sea, the conservation status of the only Mediterranean seal species, and the latest information available on marine turtles.

Malaga, ES : IUCN, 2012
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34p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references.

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Record created: 2013/09/13
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