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The zoological park, a new ally for biodiversity

Complete Title: 
The zoological park, a new ally for biodiversity
Non IUCN Publication

The Zoological Park: a new ally for Biodiversity delivers directly and succinctly what must be understood as the requirements of the EU Zoos Directive established in 1999. In the simplest possible language and with the most useful information it explains how zoological parks should conduct their activities. It is a handbook incorporating guidelines, studies, research and recommendations of European and international scope, gathering the doctrine and current approaches to resolving any imprecision or indeterminacy of the regulations to be complied with.

Madrid : Bastet Conservation, 2012
Physical Description: 
[119p.] : ill.
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This publication is the English translation of the second edition of the Spanish text "El parque zoológico, un nuevo aliado de la biodiversidad: Guía para la aplicación de la Ley 31/2003 de conservación de la fauna silvestre en los parques zoológiocos".

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