Carbon credits from peatland rewetting : climate - biodiversity - land use

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Carbon credits from peatland rewetting : climate - biodiversity - land use. Science, policy, implementation and recommendations of a pilot project in Belarus
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Belarus ranks 8th among the world's countries in terms of peatland CO2 emissions and occupies 3rd place in CO2-emissions per unit land area. In recent years, tens of thousands of hectares of drained peatlands in Belarus have been rewetted. This volume provides a synthesis of the challenges encountered and solutions adopted in a pilot project conducted in Belarus between 2008 and 2011. It presents data and conclusions from the project and relates basic principles to advanced applications, integrating science and politics, ecology and economy. The experiences and recommendations for peatland restoration set forth in this volume will inspire practitioners, land-use planners, scientists and politicians alike.

Stuttgart : Schweizerbart Science Publishers, 2011
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xii, 223p. : ill., maps
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